Friday, 8 May 2009

About the Illustrators- Vicki

We thought we ought to introduce ourselves and I've volunteered to go first. Above are pics of my busy (and mostly tidy- no I didn't just clean it up for the photo!) studio. Note the various inspiring bits of artwork from other artists that I admire and my shelf of 'fun stuff'. I work from home with my dog (Roo) and cat (Bob) for company. All of my work begins with a traditional dipping pen and ink. I then scan the images and add colour digitally. Actually, that isn't totally true as my work really begins with an idea or a brief- followed by an intense period of research. I've been freelancing for nearly five years now and I recently completed my Master of Design degree at Edinburgh College of Art.

I have a passion for bold colours, hand lettered type, animals and patterns. The Storytelling exhibition is a great opportunity to work with another illustrator and to produce some exciting new work that will be going directly to its audience...I hope people like it!


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