Saturday, 21 November 2009

The End (And they all lived happily ever after...)

Well that's it folks! The exhibition is now down but we had a great time and it seems that everyone loved it (at least that's what we're taking the teeth-marks in the artwork to mean!). It was a real challenge to produce something that children would really be able to interact with and Cate and I enjoyed a great number of coffees whilst sat in the Storytelling Centre's Cafe watching visitors get to grips with the characters and props!

Thanks to everyone involved and to the Centre for having us! Cate and I are planning another exhibition for next year's festival so watch this space!

Stortyelling Pick & Mix Workshop

On July 17th Cate and I took part in a workshop with a group of lovely children and a professional storyteller, Beth Cross. Beth told us some wonderful stories to get everyone warmed up and then Cate and I got involved with various felt tip pens and some inspirational ideas from the little ones!

The whole event was a great success and everyone had fun, adults and children alike! We produced some great artwork and answered various questions from our audience (including a surprised little girl who didn't know that drawing pictures could be a career option- she was convinced I'd not been to school and so had been forced to follow this career path!).